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Take Progress PicturesEvery week, or month, take a shirtless picture of yourself to see your change over time.
This comes back to motivation.
Since you see yourself in the mirror every day, you might not notice the subtle changes in your aesthetics and physique.
Taking pictures of yourself lets you compare where you started with where you are and where you’re going.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Watch A Motivational VideoChoose one of these 10 motivational videos to watch before you workout.
Watching a video displaying exercise mastery could get you excited to train, and to train hard.
71 find an exercise video of a workout you want to try, or an athlete you admire, and get inspired to train like a pro.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Look At A Motivational ImagePrint out one of these 10 fitness motivation images to look at every day.
Pick an image that’s positive and inspiring.
If possible, make it specific to things you like to do.
For example, find a cool picture of a surfer riding a wave, a bodyweight exercise you want to accomplish, your favorite athlete, or a rock climber scaling a mountain wall.
Looking at that image may inspire you off the couch and into the gym.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Read A Motivational QuoteHave one (or more) motivational quotes where you can see it (on your desktop, in the bathroom by the mirror, in your room by your dresser, etc).
A positive quote about strength, endurance, tenacity, or overcoming challenges may help you remember what you’re striving to accomplish, and it could be the only reminder you need to stick with your workout and nutrition plan.
One of our favorites is, “start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
” -francis of assisi.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Bet Money On Your Weight Loss GoalsWant to earn money for getting healthy? what better way to stay motivated than to invest money in your success using an app, for example pactapp.
When you set goals in pactapp, you have a chance to earn money for achieving your goals, paid by the members who don’t.
You also run the risk of losing your investment if you don’t accomplish it.
Studies have found that people who use social gaming apps for weight loss motivation experience excellent weight loss results.
73 are you up for the challenge?.
[ref: builtlean.com]
If You fall off track, get right back onIf you fall off track, don’t get discouraged.
Get right back on the plan.
Take note of the carb-laden food you ate, and think about how it made you feel.
Did it trigger any new cravings? did it impact your energy level? did it interfere with your mental clarity? an affirmative response to any of these questions will serve as motivation to stay on course (no pun intended) in the future.
[ref: cutthekillercarbs.com]
Track your numbersWhile you cut carbs, keep track of numbers like your waist measurement, blood glucose and lipid numbers like triglycerides and hdl (good cholesterol).
These numbers respond quickly and provide great motivation that you are on track to dramatically improving your health.
[ref: cutthekillercarbs.com]
Skip rope at least 10 minutes per dayChallenge yourself to jump rope for a minimum of 10 minutes per day.
It’s not the same game you remember from childhood – skipping rope is harder than it looks, and will provide plenty of motivation to improve when you realize how long 10 minutes really i.
[ref: weightcrafters.com]
Get new sneakersAfter about 500 miles, it’s time for a new pair.
New shoes mean more motivation.
[ref: mensfitness.com]
Success feels goodIf you need motivation to drop 25 pounds, carry a 25-pound plate or dumbbell for an entire day in a backpack.
At the end of the day, take it off and notice how good it feels to drop the weight.
Then imagine how good it will feel a few months later to.
[ref: lifetime-weightloss.com]
You’ll lose weight and fat if you walk 45 minutes a day, not 30*proven* the reason we’re suggesting 45 minutes instead of the typical 30 is that a duke university study found that while 30 minutes of daily walking is enough to prevent weight gain in most relatively sedentary people, exercise beyond 30 minutes results in weight and fat loss.
Burning an additional 300 calories a day with three miles of brisk walking (45 minutes should do it) could help you lose 30 pounds in a year without even changing how much you’re eating.
If you ned motivation, try these secrets of women who work out every day.
[ref: rd.com]
Schedule a Workout Date*proven* a recent jama internal medicine study of nearly 4,000 couples found that people are more likely to stick to healthy habits when they team up with a partner.
Invite your honey to a saturday morning run and then hit the showers together—knowing you have something steamy to look forward to afterward should serve as some additional motivation.
And speaking of getting frisky, be sure to check out these 30 best proteins for your penis.
[ref: eatthis.com]
grow your own herbsGrowing your own herbs is great motivation to get experimental in the kitchen.
You don’t have to commit to a full-blown garden; if you’re new to gardening, try growing a few staple herbs in pots on your windowsill.
A sprig of fresh basil or mint is a great way to spice up your salads (and cocktails!).
[ref: phenq.com]
repeat motivating mantrasSometimes we just need a little fire to get motivated.
Try out some motivational mantras: “you’ve got this!” “yes, you will!” “every day you’re getting stronger!” hang up an inspirational poster or write your phrase on a sticky note at work.
Bonus: mantras don’t cost a thing!.
[ref: blog.myfitnesspal.com]
Keep Your Stats, See Amazing ResultsTest yourself often.
Every 4 weeks, measure a variable—waist size, body fat, bench press—that equates to your end goal.
"it'll show you the tangible results of your training," says craig ballantyne, a trainer in canada.
And that translates into motivation
[ref: menshealth.com]
Health First Then LookThe first and initial approach is to keep your body healthy and fit.
These are the abc’s of body building.
If you keep falling sick frequently, you will not find time to complete your workout.
You will be busy fighting off diseases.
That is never what you want when aiming for those washboard abs.
[ref: wiki-fitness.com]
Watch Motivation MoviesGetting bored to do a workout! everyone get within a few days or week.
It’s totally normal, and you just need a dose of motivation.
But you shouldn’t take this de-motivation process lightly.
You can watch motivational movies that can motivate you.
Some of the popular movies you can watch are rocky, karate kid, dragon: the bruce lee story, million dollar baby and there are much more.
Keep yourself motivated and march yourself to your goal.
[ref: wiki-fitness.com]
Break Your RecordIf you still lack the motivation to do exercise after few days, then you need to do record breaking exercise.
Maintain a record of you daily exercise.
So whenever you feel bored, you just need to focus on breaking your older records.
Simply by focusing your goal to break the record, you will do a better workout compared to last best workout day.
[ref: wiki-fitness.com]
Do meditationMeditation is one of the best technique to removes all stress, ego, and dis-beliefs.
You will start loving yourself and it’s the main reasons that motivated the winners.
So become a winner and start believing yourself and will do it.
It’s a huge list, and surely you have enjoyed it.
Do follow the basic of building six pack abs and it will help you to achieve your goal.
After this anything about six pack abs in not new to you.
Eat healthy + train right + rest + motivation = six pack abs the main principle to lose weight ad build hardcore six pack is adapting a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy diet, exercise and stress-free life will do all good
[ref: wiki-fitness.com]
Stick to It for 2 Weeks*proven* if motivation is your hang-up, change your exercise routine every 14 days.
A university of florida study discovered that people who modified their workouts twice a month were more likely than to stick to their plans compared to those who changed their regimens whenever they wanted to.
Boredom didn’t appear to be a factor; it seems people simply enjoyed the variety more.
[ref: shape.com]
Dig DeeperIt takes a lot of discipline to turn down a cupcake or roll out of your warm bed for a cold morning run.
To make staying on track easier, it's important to make a real connection with your motivation, says tara gidus, co-host of emotional mojo.
So think less about fitting into your skinny jeans or spring break bikini and more about emotional ties to the people you love.
“your relationships will grow stronger when you are physically healthy and taking care of yourself,” she says.
[ref: shape.com]
Memorize a Mantra*proven* whatever you tell yourself to get through a grueling workout, don't stop.
An innovative european study found that motivational self-talk can significantly help reduce the rate of perceived exertion (how loud your muscles are screaming) so you can go further for longer.
[ref: shape.com]
Seek Out Text Support*proven* if you thought texting changed your love life, imagine what it could do for your waistline.
When people received motivational text messages promoting exercise and healthy behaviors twice a week (i.
, “keep in the fridge a ziploc with washed and precut vegetables 4 quick snack.
Add 1 string cheese 4 proteins”), they lost an average of about 3 percent of their body weight in 12 weeks.
Participants in the virginia commonwealth university study also showed an improvement in eating behaviors, exercise, and nutrition self-efficacy, and reported that the texts helped them adopt these new habits.
Find health-minded friends and message each other reminders, or program your phone to send yourself healthy eating tips.
[ref: shape.com]
Muscle Over Mind*proven* if you usually head to the gym after work, take heed: mental exhaustion can make you feel physically exhausted, even when you have plenty of energy, reports a medicine & science in sports & exercise study.
When people played a brain-draining computer game before exercising, they reported a subsequent workout as being harder, yet their muscles showed the same activity as they did doing the same workout after an easy mental game.
So if you think you can’t eke out those last 10 minutes on the rowing machine, remember: you can! [tweet this motivation!].
[ref: shape.com]
Don’t Get Too App-y*proven* downloading that new weight-loss app may not be as beneficial as you think.
A study published in american journal of preventive medicine rated the top 30 weight-loss apps using criteria set by the centers for disease control and prevention’s diabetes prevention plan, which consists of 20 behavior-based strategies, including willpower control, problem solving, stress reduction, motivation, and relapse prevention.
Twenty-eight of the programs offered 25 percent or fewer of these essential tummy-trimming tactics.
If you’re into tech, use your apps to log food and share your progress on social networks, but don't rely on either too heavily to make lasting lifestyle changes.
[ref: shape.com]
traineoFind motivation and support to change the way you eat and work out with this tool.
Set up a free profile and track you exercise and nutrition information to see your progress with graphs.
[ref: nursingdegree.net]
You may do abs exercises without getting out of your bed but it is best that you get an exercise mat for mental conditioningAbs exercises do not require any sophisticated equipment so you may do them at the comforts of your home.
However, make sure that you have enough motivation to sustain your efforts throughout the session.
[ref: musclefoodsusa.com]
Make a list of the disadvantages of gaining more weightOne of the things that can provide you with the motivation to lose weight is to make a list of the disadvantages of gaining more.
When you gain more weight, you may find it harder to fit into your clothes.
Aside from that, it can also put you at risk for certain diseases.
Other disadvantages would include easily becoming fatigue, not being able to perform certain physical activities, and many more.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Motivate yourselfWithout the right motivation, you may not be able to reach your weight loss goals.
Thus, it is best if you come up with ways to get motivated.
One of the ways to do it is to imagine yourself when you have already lost weight.
Aside from that, you can also list down the advantages that you can enjoy with it.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Make sure that your goals are achievableIt is very important to set goals in starting your weight loss program.
However, make sure that they are achievable in a certain period of time.
By doing that, you would provide yourself with more encouragement and motivation, each time you are able to reach them.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Sign up for a raceIf you like running, then one of the best ways to speed up your progress in losing weight is to sign up for a race.
This would provide you with more motivation in increasing your pace.
Aside from that, since you don’t want to be the last person to cross the finish line, you would certainly see yourself training for it.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Reward yourself each time you lose a number of poundsWhen you are able to reach your short term goals, it is a good idea to reward yourself each time.
Although losing a number of pounds can already be rewarding, treating yourself for your favourite meal, going out with your friends, or buying something new, can provide you with more motivation to continue doing the things that helped you lose weight.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Read stories about people who were able to lose weight successfullyOne of the best ways to maintain your motivation in losing weight is to read stories of people, who were able to attain it.
This is because it would remind you that hitting your goals is indeed very possible.
Aside from that, lots of these stories are truly inspiring.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Buy clothes that are smallerBuying smaller clothes can provide you with more motivation in losing weight.
It can offer you the kind of challenge that you are looking for.
Make sure though that what you are trying to do is achievable, so that you won’t get discouraged.
Aside from that, buy clothes that can really make you look good so that you would be excited about fitting into them.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Find motivation in others' successFind motivation in others' success.
Read some awesome success stories from other moms to inspire yourself.
[ref: womaista.com]
Be realisticBe realistic.
Crazy goals like losing two dress sizes in two weeks will almost always end in tears, lost motivation and more than a little comfort eating.
You can only ever look like a thinner you – so set standards you know you can achieve.
[ref: ahlan.com]
Find motivation other than within yourselfFind motivation other than within yourself.
Workout for somebody else that you care about (your kids, loved ones, friends etc).
When you don’t feel like working out, remember that you’re doing it for them.
[ref: zenhabits.com]
Leave Notes for Yourself*proven* we've already established that friends and family play a key role in motivating you to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it's also crucial for you to be your own driving force.
Luckily, research has shown that doesn't need to require a tremendous amount of effort.
According to a 2015 study in the journal of marketing research , subtle, even subliminal, messages may be more effective at helping us stick to a healthy eating regimen than ongoing, conscious focus.
The research showed that people who receive reinforcing notes urging them to eat healthily were more likely to make smarter choices than those who tried to keep their goals top of mind at all times, so grab some post-its and start crafting motivational messages!.
[ref: eatthis.com]
Be drivenSen Dianne feinstein, the oldest and longest-serving senator currently in congress, believes that age is nothing but a number.
Instead, staying sharp, healthy and -- above all -- motivated is the key to a long and fruitful life: "you can be very old at 50 and you can be very young at 90.
I really believe that.
It depends on your brain, it depends on your health, it depends on your drive, on your determination and your motivation," feinstein told the san francisco chronicle.
[ref: huffingtonpost.co.uk]
Don’t take hard drugsAside from the obvious in-moment risk of overdose (deaths from opioids and psychostimulants have been going up since 1990), chronic and high-dose drug use decelerate dopaminergic function.
In simpler terms: most of the things you rely on for healthy living — motor control, motivation, arousal, etc.
— become seriously compromised over time.
[ref: insidehook.com]
Create a backup planCommon obstacles can derail a fitness plan: no time, no motivation, too little knowledge, strapped for funds, etc.
All of these roadblocks have a solution, and we’re here to help you find it!.
[ref: jccstl.com]
Myth: Exercising counteracts the effects of sitting at a desk all day*proven* *myth* believe it or not, if you’re 45 or older, you’re probably sitting for around 12.
3 hours of a 16-hour waking day.
And that’s a problem, according to a study in the annals of internal medicine , because the more you sit, the higher the likelihood that you’ll die sooner.
Researchers found that being sedentary for more than 13 hours increased a person’s risk of death by 200 percent compared to those who sat for less than 11 hours a day.
But a simple tweak could make a big difference: get up and move around every 30 minutes, and you could lower your chance of death by more than half.
You’ll n ever skip the gym again thanks to these motivation tips.
[ref: urologyofva.net]
Repeat after usMotivational mantras to inspire you to exercise may seem cheesy, but they really could help get you get out of that door (yep, even when it’s raining).
Try these for size….
[ref: goodhousekeeping.com]
Post motivational quotes around the houseI do like a good motivational quote to pick me up when i am having a bad day.
I have some all around my house, mainly ones that focus on positive body image rather than those quotes that make people feel guilty.
[ref: hungryhealthyhappy.com]
Enter a raceIf you are trying to improve your running, signing up to a race can be great motivations.
I think there is a race out there for everyone, so take a look around and sign up for something.
Get a group of you together to make it more run.
I think a great first race is the colour run.
[ref: hungryhealthyhappy.com]
Set SMART goalsMaybe you’ve already heard about this method of goal setting.
S – specific, m – measurable, a – achievable, r – realistic and t – time-based.
Goals set in this way have a much better rate of success, so don’t make it nebulous: “i want to lose some weight” but “i want to lose a total of 20lbs by the 23 november, losing 1 – 2 pounds a week while eating healthy and reducing junk and processed foods”.
As you move towards your ideal healthy weight, you’ll probably want to adjust your goals according to your progress.
[ref: fitbodyhq.com]
Team upBuddy up with someone who has the same goals as you and is serious about reaching them, then set a plan and stick to it.
Hold each other accountable.
[ref: fitbodyhq.com]
Invest In A Personal TrainerA personal trainer can teach you proper exercise form and technique, hold you accountable to your goals, and teach you how to safely progress your workouts.
Working with a trainer can also increase your workout success, helping you lose fat, and increase lean muscle mass more effectively than working out alone.
22 your trainer should be able to take you through a fitness assessment to identify your weaknesses and muscular imbalances, which can help you set appropriate and realistic training goals.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Write Down 2 GoalsMake them smart.
That means they’re specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound goals.
Setting smart goals may make you more likely to achieve them.
63 create one performance goal and one body composition goal.
Keep your goals somewhere visible so you’re reminded of them every day.
For example, “do 10 pull-ups in a row in 3 months” or “lose 15lbs in 3 months”.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Create One Weekly GoalYes, you have the big goal of losing weight.
But setting little goals along the way helps to keep you excited, motivated, and focused, and can help you reach your big goal faster.
64 these could be weight lifting goals, realistic weight loss goals (of 1-2 lbs per week), number of workouts per week, running distance, etc.
An example could be running 1 more mile on your long run day.
Write your goal down and keep it somewhere you can see it every day.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Hang The Pants That No Longer Fit YouDo you have a pair of pants you used to fit into? hang them somewhere in your closet that you’ll see every day.
If you fit into your pants before, you should be able to fit into them again.
You can make that one of your smart goals, and retest how your pants fit every month to make sure you’re on-track.
This is about finding your personal emotional trigger, so it doesn’t have to be a pair of pants.
It could also be a picture of yourself, or another item that reminds you of where you used to be and where you’re working to get to.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Bet Money On Your Weight Loss GoalsWant to earn money for getting healthy? what better way to stay motivated than to invest money in your success using an app, for example pactapp.
When you set goals in pactapp, you have a chance to earn money for achieving your goals, paid by the members who don’t.
You also run the risk of losing your investment if you don’t accomplish it.
Studies have found that people who use social gaming apps for weight loss motivation experience excellent weight loss results.
73 are you up for the challenge?.
[ref: builtlean.com]
Unleash yourself from mere numbersInstead of setting distance goals when running, simply go until you can’t anymore.
Use that burn in your legs to tell you when you’ve done enough.
You are your own real opponent – so go for the win!.
[ref: weightcrafters.com]
Eat More Fiber*proven* instead of depriving yourself of all your favorite indulgences or meticulously counting calories to drop a size, simply consume at least 30 grams of fiber daily.
This simple, no-fuss method fuels weight loss and improves health just as effectively as more complex diet approaches, university of massachusetts medical school researchers discovered.
“very few people reach the goals that are recommended,” said lead study author yunsheng ma, md, phd, adding that “telling people to reduce this or reduce that is just too hard to do.
” however, asking people to focus on eating more of a certain nutrient—rather than eliminating things from their diet–can help people reach their weight loss goals, he explains.
Interested in giving the diet strategy a try? check out these 11 best high-fiber foods for weight loss and start slimming down!.
[ref: eatthis.com]
set your targets high*proven* a study from 2005 showed that women who set high weight loss goals had lost more weight after 24 months than those who set lower targets.
When it comes to weight loss, pushing yourself as hard as possible can be very effective.
Just be sure to celebrate your successes, no matter how small!.
[ref: phenq.com]
set realistic goalsIt’s easy — especially come new year’s resolution season — to set unrealistic goals about weight loss (lose 30 pounds in two weeks!).
Since impractical goals can slow down long-term weight loss, it’s important to address those goals before making any health and fitness changes.
[ref: blog.myfitnesspal.com]
get a social network*proven* check out online communities (on facebook, twitter or other forums) that provide support and encouragement.
One study showed that overweight adults who listened to weight-loss podcasts and used twitter in tandem with a diet and physical activity monitoring app lost more weight than those who did not go social.
Sharing progress and setbacks on social media can help you feel accountable for your goals.
[ref: blog.myfitnesspal.com]
Reach Your GoalsSet your goals in reverse.
That is, pick a date of completion and work backward, writing down short-term goals as you go.
"the goals then seem more like deadlines," says ballantyne.
[ref: menshealth.com]
Women aren’t menIt’s been proven that men can lose weight more rapidly than women can, which is likely due to our physiological makeup (women are supposed to have more fat than men, because they’re the birthing gender).
This isn’t a sexist statement to make – it’s pretty much the truth.
As such, females should expect to set separate goals than males – especially if you’re working on losing weight together, side by side.
[ref: chrispirillo.com]
Don’t over do itExercise every day is not only difficult to maintain, it’s unnecessary.
Even marathon trainers take a day off.
Set a realistic goal like three days a week.
[ref: nursingdegree.net]
Set goalsWhat are you trying to get out of your exercise? it’s good to know if you’re trying to build muscle or burn fat — because these are two competing goals.
There are other goals, of course, but you should be clear what they are.
Also, set goals for each week.
[ref: zenhabits.net]
Make a planIf you want to lose weight, you need to make a plan for it.
Planning involves setting your goals both short term and long term ones.
With proper planning, you would be able to have an effective guide on the steps that you want to take, towards losing pounds of weight.
Aside from that, it would also keep you motivated.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Make sure that your goals are achievableIt is very important to set goals in starting your weight loss program.
However, make sure that they are achievable in a certain period of time.
By doing that, you would provide yourself with more encouragement and motivation, each time you are able to reach them.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Watch TV only when you are done with all the things you need to doGetting hooked with watching tv can become a hindrance in achieving your weight loss goals, especially if you do it in the morning.
Therefore, get in front of the tv set, only when you are already done with the things you need to do for the day.
This can become your way to relax after a hard day’s work.
[ref: lifestylebyps.com]
Find Yourself An IncentiveTreat yourself with a slice of cake after a week of weight training, a whole plate of chola bhaturaafter losing 4 kilos.
While you set goals for yourself, don't forget to reward yourself too.
[ref: food.ndtv.com]
Be realisticBe realistic.
Crazy goals like losing two dress sizes in two weeks will almost always end in tears, lost motivation and more than a little comfort eating.
You can only ever look like a thinner you – so set standards you know you can achieve.
[ref: ahlan.com]
Set performance-based goalsSet performance-based goals.
Always set yourself incrementally larger goals each week to make sure you’re engaged and have something to strive for.
Each little achievement is also a reward that you’re going in the right direction.
From doing 10 more squats to mastering a new yoga pose, whatever floats your boat.
[ref: ahlan.com]
Set small goals for yourselfSet small goals for yourself.
Focus on losing two pounds at a time.
The sense of achievement will spur you on to lose even more.
[ref: ahlan.com]
Goals don’t have to be based on a weightGoals don’t have to be based on a weight.
You can set healthy goals such as drinking more water and less soft drink, eating less chocolate and more fruit or walking further and more often.
[ref: weightwatchers.com.au/]
Have a clear goalIt should be one that anyone in the world can measure and understand.
Write out your goal and keep it posted somewhere as a reminder when you want to give up.
If you have a set amount of weight you'd like to drop, step on the scale when you begin dieting.
Then, weigh yourself every single day.
Studies show daily weigh-ins enhance weight loss efforts.
But don't live and die by the number.
And remember a scale doesn't decipher between fat and lean body mass–but it can help keep things "in check.
[ref: menshealth.com2019]
Losing Weight Fast Lasts*proven* despite the common perception that you need to drop pounds slowly in order to maintain your weight loss, the exact opposite is true.
In fact, you're more than five times as likely to succeed in your long-term weight-loss goals if you start out of the gate by dropping pounds rapidly, according to a 2010 study in the international journal of behavioral medicine.
To set yourself up for weight loss success, make sure you focus on diet and exercise.
[ref: eatthis.com]
Exercise during TV commercialsWhen a commercial starts, make the most of that downtime.
You don’t need to plan anything too intense – set a squat or a pushup goal, walk through your entire house or hold a plank as long as possible.
Have a netflix-only household? set a timer on your phone to remind you to get up every ten minutes to fit in a short exercise.
[ref: jccstl.com]
Have a morning routineImplementing a morning routine helps you start your day off on the right foot, every day.
You don’t get behind first thing before you even get out the door.
Use this time to exercise or to accomplish whatever goals you have set for the day.
[ref: jccstl.com]
Work toward your personal goalsSet personal goals that are in alignment with your values and purpose, and then pursue them! having a specific goal in mind (better health, personal growth, etc.
) can help you frame all the effort you are putting in every day.
Thinking about your goals daily can demonstrate why that extra weekly workout is worth it!.
[ref: jccstl.com]
Under promise, over deliverInstead of setting yourself the end goal of running a 10k, aim to run for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, and so on.
“lowering your expectations may sound defeatist but over optimism means every day can feel like a disappointment, which can make you give up,” says liz tucker, a health counsellor and author of when you want to say yes, but your body says no (£12.
99, harper collins).
“instead, slightly under-promise, and majorly over-deliver, and you’ll feel like you’re achieving something".
[ref: goodhousekeeping.com]
Set yourself small GoalsSet goals like "run 5km" rather than "run a marathon" or "eat less processed food" rather than "lose 100lbs".
The small goals will all add up to the bigger goals.
Set small monthly goals, and they all add up.
[ref: hungryhealthyhappy.com]
Pay attention to your peeYes, this isn't the nicest goal to set yourself this year, but taking a look at the colour of your pee can help you to see if you need to be drinking more water.
You should be aiming for a light yellow to clear colour.
[ref: hungryhealthyhappy.com]
Set small, achievable goals throughout the year*proven* bigger isn't always better—especially when it comes to your health and wellness goals.
Instead, set small, achievable goals, like eating two servings of vegetables a day or going on a post-dinner walk.
Research from stanford university published in 2017 shows that in the early stages of a pursuit, people benefit most from focusing on "sub-goals" that make them feel accomplished.
[ref: bestlifeonline.com]
Myth: Doing a lot of crunches will get you a flat stomach.*proven* *myth* false.
For some people, it makes total sense to do a massive number of crunches if the goal is to tighten the abdominal wall and create a flat stomach.
This is an ongoing myth in which people believe that if they do enough crunches or sit-ups, that abdominal fat will simply disappear into thin air.
This isn’t the case.
In reality, abdominal muscles are so small they have little impact on fat loss and if there’s a layer of fat between the muscles and skin, you won’t see that six pack until the fat layer thins.
In a study published by the journal of strength and conditioning research, a group of 14 men and 10 women between the ages of 18 and 40 were monitored.
They were assigned to one of two groups.
One group was to do abdominal exercises – seven specific exercises for two sets of 10 reps each time
[ref: noom.com]
Myth: A person cannot exercise if he or she hasn’t eaten.*proven* *myth* false.
Food and exercise go hand-in-hand.
Some people feel they cannot exercise or get in physical workouts if they have not eaten a meal.
Rather, there is some evidence that limiting mealtimes may increase a person’s motivation to exercise.
A study published by the society for endocrinology proposes that when there is limited access to food, the body produces a hormone called ghrelin.
This hormone works to increase a person’s motivation to exercise.
The study conducted was done on mice, so the results aren’t 100% applicable to humans, but it’s a good start.
It found that a surge of this hormone was present after a fasting period and that this caused the mice to exercise voluntarily
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Start with a realistic goalIt’s easy to get inspired and set a not-so-realistic weight-loss goal (like losing 20+ pounds in one month).
But when you don’t magically reach your goal, it can be a real motivational drain.
The fix: opt for slow and steady weight loss of 1–2 pounds per week or 4–8 pounds per month (or about 5–10% of your body weight).
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Set smart goals*proven* research shows vague, lofty goals (like “lose weight”) are harder to work toward when they’re not paired with a ground-level plan to get there.
To bring your weight-loss goals down to earth, set smart goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.
For example, do you have a wedding or reunion coming up in six months? that makes for a great deadline to lose 10 pounds.
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