FastFitnessTips was created by Alex Mitchell in 2016 as a resource for cyclists, runners and triathletes interested in improving their health, fitness and race results. The major focus is cycling science, meaning aerodynamics, drivetrain efficiency, pacing, physiology and equipment choice. FFT calculators have been used by over 100,000 people. 

FastFitness.Tips: Cycling Science!

CyclingApps was created in 2018 to make everyday cycling calculations more simple. CyclingApps created or licenced around 50 calculators using google sheets or OpenAsApp. CyclingApps has been installed on over 5000 devices to date.

CyclingApps: Making Cycling Simple!


CyclingApps Instructions

    • Step 1: Download “OpenAsApp”

    • Step 2: Register / sign up

    • Step 3a: Search for CyclingApps within the app


    • Step 3b: Follow direct link from App Marketplace



Get in touch if you want to know more: [email protected]