CyclingApps and FastFitness have merged! We are going to be working together in the future bringing your high quality calculators, coaching, and cycling science!


Here is a list of useful contacts and leads


Email us ([email protected]) to discuss individual or group coaching options. Try our coaching survey here

Training Plans

Email us ([email protected]) for a 25% discount on any plan or try the voucher code “youtube” for 20% discount. All plans are here

Bike Fit Data

We are collecting large scale data on bike fit comfort and position (road and gravel and TT bikes), you can participate here


Follow Alex@FFT on strava here or join group our strava club here for free


Join up on patreon for advanced videos and various free offers here

Position Analysis

We can perform a simple position analysis using the superb motionysys software, check out these examples

Science Library

We occasionally add good research papers to our pool of essential reading here

Spreadsheet Notification

You can get automatic permission and notification for future calculators here