Our calculators solve cycling problems using shared google sheets or openasapp.net. There is no charge but consider a donation or ask for a private copy.

Most are open access but some require “edit” permission in the top left of the sheet.

Openasapp.net sheets work from a browser or from a mobile.



http://bit.ly/caheightBody composition vs powerVery rough calculation of effect of body size on CDA and power
http://bit.ly/cawbarsChange my bar widthShows the effect of handlebar width on steering (for cyclingapps.net)
http://bit.ly/cawcranksCrank length change calcShows the effect of changing crank size (made for cyclingapps.net)
http://bit.ly/cawdiscwheelDisc brake bike finderA sheet of many disc brake bikes
http://bit.ly/cawzonesPower zones calculatorPower zones in a really quick slider (made for cyclingapps.net)
http://bit.ly/fftcarbonDeep Carbon WheelsA list of all carbon disc brake wheels
http://bit.ly/myvo2maxV02Max calculatorA little v02max to watts to run time calculator (for cyclingapps.net)
http://bit.ly/zwiftpredictorZwift PredictorConverts bike/tyre/course into zwift predicted finish time (for cyclingapps.net)
http://fft.tips/2speedCost 2 speed converterFor fun, convert bike price to likely speed, watts adjusted!
http://fft.tips/bonkFueling and Pacing calculatorA clever calculator to work out your power and fueling over a long ride
http://fft.tips/bottleBottle drag calculatorCalculates the aero drag at any speed
http://fft.tips/budgetCycling Budget PlannerWorks out how much you should spend
http://fft.tips/calorieDiet and Weight PredictorEverything you need to know about weight loss and dieting
http://fft.tips/cgroupsetsGroupsets 2020 chartA bubble chart of groupsets
http://fft.tips/chainChain wear calculatorPredicts when your chain will wear out and need changing
http://fft.tips/chelmetsHelmets 2022 chartA bubble chart of helmets
http://fft.tips/climbClimbing critical powerWorks out how hard you should go up climbs
http://fft.tips/clothingClothing Drag CalculatorSavings or losses according to your cycling attire (ie clothing!)
http://fft.tips/curveClimb finderAll the big climbs in the world in one big spreadsheet!
http://fft.tips/difficultyInterval difficulty calcCalculates the difficulty of an interval series accurately
http://fft.tips/draftDrafting savings calculatorWorks out the benefit of drafting in paceline, track or bunch
http://fft.tips/drivetrainDrivetrain efficiency savingsShows the efficiency savings of your drivetrain (eg 1x, big ring)
http://fft.tips/fixedclimbpowerClimb Speed CalculatorClimbing speed calculator according to fixed climbing watts
http://fft.tips/ftpFTP 20m=>60m PredictorA better model for finding 60min best power from 20min power
http://fft.tips/futureftpFuture FTP predictionA magic calculation of your Future FTP from your current training history
http://fft.tips/individualIndividual Track Pursuit CalculatorIndividual Track Pursuit Calculator
http://fft.tips/ospwOSPW marginal gainsA way to show the pros and cons of installing an aftermarket OSPW
http://fft.tips/pressureTyre pressure solverFind the optimal tyre pressure depending on weight and size
http://fft.tips/pursuitPursuit 4000m calculatorCompare yourself against Filippo Ganna in his 4000m WR
http://fft.tips/racedayfuelRace Day Fuel AdvisorCarbs you need *during* your race event for maximal performance
http://fft.tips/rankmeRank me as a cyclistRanks your w/kg and watts against realistic targets
http://fft.tips/stemSlam stem and bar savingsWorks out savings from stem and bar position on watts and time
http://fft.tips/superbikesSuperbikes 2020 chartA bubble chart of superbikes
http://fft.tips/surfaceTyre by surfaceFinds the perfect tyre for any riding surface (pressure too!)
http://fft.tips/tizTraining time-in-zoneShows how training models effect your time in zone
http://fft.tips/tppTraining periodization plannerShows how to periodize your training all year around
http://fft.tips/treadmillTreadmill energy calculatorThis is how much energy it costs to run on various treadmill grades
http://fft.tips/tyreFastest Tyre SolverFinds the fastest tyre based on prediction of aero and rolling losses
http://fft.tips/wdrafttrackDrafting in track cyclingAccurate calculator of drafting gains or loss in track cycling
http://fft.tips/windWind Pacing (wind corrected power)Calculates how to pace into the wind in a race