Huge list of Health | Fitness | Exercise | Diet Tips

Today we are launching a huge list of searchable health / fitness / diet tips on pretty much every conceivable topic.

This means whenever you have a health or fitness query, just type it into the search bar and you will get an answer.

It works from a database of around 5000 tips

List of Healthy Tips

The main ones are nutrition | weight loss | cardio | aging | running but we actually have 16x topics as shown here.

These include:



Yoga and Relaxation


Heart and BP


Running and walking

Cycling and Triathlon


Weight loss



How did we make this?

To make this, we systematically looked at hundred of fitness/health websites and filtered only the highest quality tips from published journals or reputable sources.

We reformatted them into these searchable tables in each of the 16 categories.

If you only look at one, then try “research evidence” …this distills the top 1000 tips.

Anyway try it here by putting some terms into the search bar:

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