Coach, how do I stay fit whilst locked-down or on vacation?



Want to avoid deconditioning on vacation? This is actually super simple:

Do something active and eat sensibly

Do something cardiovascular daily even if its taking a walk

Do a weekly HIIT session and a weekly endurance session (if possible)

Cycle if possible, even if one the gym’s old spin bike!


How long until I lose fitness?

Opinions vary because there may be a temporary boost in performance after a short break in training load as fatigue diminishes. BUT very quickly, and I would say within 24 hours, fitness declines.

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Time course of detraining

Think about this, when you are giving your body physical work to do, it is adapting and growing, when you aren’t giving it that work, its resting and declining. Basically we are always either growing or declining!

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Time to Recover your fitness

A rule of thumb is

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Recovery Calculator

You can calculate your return to fitness here

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What Exercise to do on Vacation?

Doing nothing at all, and eating badly is a recipe for a big setback. So start in the right mind set: keep a health attitude, healthy diet.

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……..Here are Some *Free* Body Weight Apps

7 minute workout



The take home

Taking a break is totally normal, indeed it is required. You can take a break and come back to training successfully and get stronger. However it is wise to plan for the deconditioning that is very likely even with a short break. Unless you are injured it is almost always possible to recover from a break.

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